In our industry, the word “services” covers enormous territory in terms of Wealth Management, and we are a full-service firm. Whether it is Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Income and Legacy Planning, College Planning, Insurance and Annuity policy reviews, 401K and Defined Benefit plans, IRA Rollovers, Bond Investment Strategies, or any other aspect of achieving financial independence through investments and money management, our team is at the ready to educate clients and help them achieve their goals. Some of the more in-demand services we provide include Retirement Planning, Income Planning, and Portfolio Construction.


Income Planning

When our clients are invested in income producing instruments such as bonds, dividend paying stocks, real estate, private equity, pensions, annuities, income from those investments should be as established and steady as possible. We have many tools and resources to create strategies for managing such investments with the goal of achieving continuity of income.


Retirement Planning

Career-focused professionals who turn to us are usually careful about setting aside some money for retirement, but aren’t always certain about benchmarks indicating how on-track they actually are for building a retirement where they can enjoy the standard of living they’ve become accustomed to. We not only know what those benchmarks are, we act as a financial coach to help clients reach them. We commit to long-term relationships with all our clients, a commitment that includes not only informing them how to stay on the path toward the good likelihood of successful retirement at the time of their choosing, but inspiring them along that path, as well.


Portfolio Construction

Our clients deserve balanced portfolios that reflect their values as well as their goals. We incorporate that approach when building portfolios with one stipulation: we prefer that whatever investments we recommend are ones we either own ourselves, or would willingly invest in for our families. Other than that, our philosophy of portfolio construction is that it best reflects the individual client. Specific goals usually set the terms — for example, if a client is close to retirement, we structure the portfolio with an eye to producing a dependable income stream. If a client is still many years from retirement, we design the portfolio with the goal of growing it as much as possible. We approach Portfolio Construction much the same way that an architect designs a custom home: while it contains essential ingredients to function properly, it is tailored to reflect the unique character of its owner.