Albert A. Aizin

President and Founder of Advanced Planning Financial & Estate Services, is a native of Southern California who was seemingly much more destined to become a dentist than an investment advisor and wealth manager, but fate stepped in to change that  in a most  unexpected way.

Albert grew up in a middle-class home headed by parents who were both dentists, as were his grandfather and uncle. His parents were determined to give Albert and his brother, Adam, the best bilingual education available, so they sent them to a French private school in Los Angeles attended by the children of some very affluent families. By the age of 10, Albert had become fascinated by the differing degrees of wealth represented among his schoolmates, some of whom lived in ordinary homes like he did, and others who lived in residences that resembled museums. Aizin decided then that his quest in life was to learn what these families did differently to accumulate their wealth, and what they had in common.


Today, the realization of that quest is embodied in Advanced Planning Financial & Estate Services, which he founded in 1999, providing wealth management solutions to couples, families, individuals, and businesses ever since.

Albert specializes in the principles of Value Investing. He has extensive experience working with high wage earning professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other self-employed individuals. Albert uses his knowledge to help clients prepare for a successful and long-lasting retirement, and educates clients and heirs on how to pass assets efficiently from one generation to the next. He also specializes in working with retirees, constructing portfolios which emphasize Capital Preservation and Income.

Albert holds the following licenses: Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, Series 66, Variable Life & Health License. He lives in Coto De Caza, California, with his beautiful wife, Lilian and their son, Nicholas. Albert enjoys health and fitness, self-help/motivational books, entertaining friends, mountain-biking and wine tasting.